Our History

Wardlow Building The Rotary Club of Waynesboro grew out of the luncheon club that met for one year preceding the request for a Rotary Charter. The persistence of this group and its leader, Captain W.M. Fulcher, resulted in the charter to the smallest town up to that time.

The Waynesboro Club was started on March 1, 1922 with eighteen charter members. Twelve more members were added in the first year. Miss Ruby Davis was the secretary of Captain Fulcher, the clubs first president. She was an honorary charter member and met with the club for many years.

One year later, a copy of the March 1923 bulletin said:

Behold! How many of us dreamed on the first of March one year ago that our Club would really be the club that it is today. It is a sucess beyond anything we imagined. Some people are surprised at the rapid growth of Rotary and the world over but the explanation is not far to seek once you remember the principles of which every Rotary Club in the world is working. It is founded on the principle of service. The Church along of the institutions among men has a nobler idea and more unselfishly labors to secure that end.

We had many misgivings about our Rotary Club in Waynesboro. Our city was small; the possible classifications were not more than forty; organizations had come and gone in Waynesboro in a brief but comprehensive style. There were many who said that like all other organizations in the town, Rotary would soon take its demise. This was simply a prediction, understand. We feel that the Club has the confidence of the entire community.

Our club's accomplishments since its 50th anniversary are something for all Rotarians to be proud of. This year our club approaches $500,000 in giving to the Rotary Foundation. Our club has achieved this by recognizing Rotarians and other community citizens as Paul Harris Fellows.