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What it Means to be a Member

True, Rotarians meet and they eat at weekly luncheons or dinners, but their activities go far beyond these meetings. Rotarians find many outlets for their activities, both in committee work and as individuals. Rotarians are active in civic and community welfare work, in leading boys and girls into good citizenship, in the betterment of rural-urban understanding, in helping boys clubs and youth movements, and in many other useful activities.

The Rotary Club does not promote civic activities rightfully belonging to other organizations, but every Rotarian, as an individual, is urged to participate in all activities which make his community a better place in which to live.

Rotarians are active in raising the standards of their own business and professions, and of their entire vocation.

Throughout the world, Rotarians of many diverse nationalities are working together -- through correspondence, personal contacts at Rotary International Conventions and in their travels and through study of the history, economy and culture of other countries -- for international understanding.